Qualisys Sports Performance offers Running Analysis using cutting edge motion capture technology. A full body running analysis concept – giving your customers the most scientific and professional analysis presented in an easy way. Optimizing running technique and reducing the risk of injury. Used by elite athletes around the globe.

Take the next step

– and make it a better one

The above applies both to you and your customer. Your investment in Running Analysis improves your business, and runners who use it will enhance their performance and suffer fewer injuries.

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How do we know this? Well, we only work with evidence based data that’s been approved by the scientific community. In fact, medical research has been in our DNA since day one. That makes us a unique player, and our solution – Running Analysis – works wonders:

  • It provides runners with all the tools needed to improve their technique. This has a very positive impact on their training results, injuries and overall well-being.
  • This in turn supports your business. Since you offer a product with clear benefits, your customers are inclined to place more business with you and refer you to other potential users. This means new business openings for you.

Take the next step. It will pay off quickly.


What is running analysis

We provide a complete 360° full-body analysis of a runner’s technique. Thanks to our highly sensitive motion capture system we assess all details of the run, from feet to head. Every movement is recorded and made available for the runner to view together with all types of data.

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If you want to get the full story, we are more than happy to talk about how our cameras have sub millimeter accuracy and make us world leader within this field. Or how numerous national teams and Olympic committees consider us to be number one within biomechanics and a key for athletes to become faster, stronger and less prone to injuries.

The basic idea is to help the body act as it is intended to. This reduces the risk of injury and helps runners improve their results with less effort. And to really deliver on our promise, we don’t just record what is going on – our main delivery is the way forward, the advice and training programs that help runners improve their technique today and tomorrow.

Here is how it works

1. The runner runs on a treadmill for ten minutes. The system records everything.

2. The trainer gives a first input and a preliminary web report is presented.

3. The trainer goes through the results in detail and gives initial recommendations.

4. After one hour the complete test is done and the runner gets his or her complete web report.

5. The report shows a range of 30 key parameters for good running technique.

6. The runner can watch four videos to assess his or her technique.

7. There are coaching tips to improve the running posture and technique.

8. An individual training program, with explanations and videos, is included.

9. The runner also gets a login to the website for more information and access to all his or her data.

A perfect fit for your business

Running Analysis is scalable and easy to adapt to your operations. But, whichever package you choose, you will always get a complete solution, and it is both delivered to your facility and installed by us. Naturally we also offer full support.

The product is highly advanced, yet very easy to use. And you will be trained to handle the equipment and software as well as reading, interpreting and explaining the web reports.

This investment adds a modern, professional, customer-friendly, high-end and brand boosting flair to your business. All you need is a desire to really help your customers and a room that is at least 5 x 4 meters (16 x 12 ft.), standing alone or integrated in your ordinary facility.

In return we deliver a solution that pays back quickly and contributes to a more profitable overall bottom line.

About us

Running Analysis is marketed and sold by Qualisys Sports Performance a brand within Qualisys AB. We are a world leading provider of products and services of optical motion capture solutions with the business idea to help our customers to assess and analyse a runner’s technique. The data is then used to help improve performance and reduce the risk of injury. The core technology of the products has been developed since Qualisys was founded in 1989.